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របាយការណ៍សមិទ្ធផលសុខាភិបាល ២០១៣ និងទិសដៅការងារ ២០១៤ សូមទាញយក…

ព័ត៌មានសុខាភិបាលសង្ខេប សូមទាញយក…

Happy New Year

Press Release Cambodia on the path to eliminating measles

Cambodia is moving closer to the nationwide elimination of measles with the National Immunization Program reporting zero cases for a full 12 months as of December 2012.

This is a dramatic reduction from 2011 when over 700 cases of measles in children were reported and 2008 when there were over 1,800 cases. The last confirmed case of measles was reported from Kampong Speu province in November 2011. The absence of measles for more than 12 months is encouraging news for Cambodia.

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Happy New Year

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